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Vom Schwartze-Hunden (Sister Kennel to Grunenfeld)

USA #1 Solid Black German Shepherds since 1976

In Germany, Solid Black German Shepherds are referred to as 'Lacquer Blacks'  This is due to the way the light reflects off their beautiful shiny coats! Grunenfeld has been recognized both Nationally and Internationally for having the finest in Solid Blacks.  Many people breed Solid Black German Shepherds with their main focus on the color.  They end up with mediocre dogs that are solid black. We do not do this at Grunenfeld. Our BLACKS are exceptional in every way!

You can check out the photos below. Then CLICK HERE to go directly to the NEW web page for our Vom Schwartze-Hunden sister kennel that specializes in the Solid Blacks and Bi-Colors! 

Here at Grunenfeld, our first emphasis is on Temperament, the second is on Good Hips, the third is Show Quality, and the last emphasis is on Color.  Therefore, when you purchase a Grunenfeld Solid Black, you get far more than just the solid black get a dog from the finest solid black bloodline available!  When a person is friendly, Grunenfeld dogs are friendly.  Your Grunenfeld Shepherd has been bred for natural protective instincts.  Dogs in some of the photos have been trained to grip an attacker's arm, and hold him until you tell him/her to let go.  Males and females make equally good family protectors.

Fire_headshot_reduced_sz.JPG (16525 bytes)
SG-Fire vom Zwilling Back Sch3  Son of 3 x USA SchH3 NATIONAL CHAMPION Asko v Siegelgrund
Zolie_Head-99.JPG (7344 bytes)
Zolie vom Grunenfeld Sch1
Daughter of Eros

eros%25252520head-99.JPG (14113 bytes)

Jetta nice head 13 yrs 5-29-04.jpg (171381 bytes) Diedra moving n yd 5-29-04 7 yrs.jpg (178375 bytes)

Onora head shot 5-29-04 13 mos old.JPG (129353 bytes)

Jetta at 13 1/2 years old. Jetta is a granddaughter of Eros. Jetta's daughter Diedra at 7 years old. Diedra is a daughter of Fire.

Diedra's daughter Onora at 13 months old. Onora is a daughter of Pharaoh, grandaughter of Fai.

Orion 10-14-04.JPG (29952 bytes) Waldo 8 yrs old.JPG (238268 bytes)

Yuri cropped.JPG (20364 bytes)

Orion at almost 12 Yrs, Photo taken 7 days before he passed away. Waldo at 8 yrs-Son of Obsidian and Fire

Yuri-Brother to Vie, Son of Fire

Onora at 21 months old

Fire%25252520son%25252520Lure%25252520coursing.jpg (6707 bytes)

Ivan- Son of  Fire and Canna, Grand son of Eros at a full run

Blacky Neuen Lande.bmp (249654 bytes)

German BundesSieger Blacky  Neuen Lande -Fire's uncle-1/2 brother to Asko (3 time USA BundesSieger!)
Liebe%252011%2520mo%2520head-99.JPG (11751 bytes)
Liebe Leben v Grunenfeld (Eros Daughter) 11 mos

eros%2525252011%25252520b-day-99.JPG (12651 bytes)

Eros and I at his 11th birthday (he lived to 12 yrs)
Eros%20w%20W%20Martin-99.JPG (16691 bytes)
Eros winning under Judge Walter Martin of the World Famous German Wienerau kennels!


Onyx%252525208%25252520mos-99.JPG (10875 bytes)
Onyx 8 mos (Eros daughter)
Xira%252525208%25252520yrs-99.JPG (15931 bytes)
Xira 8 Yrs (Eros Daughter)
FaitheBirthdaybite.jpg (59810 bytes)
Fai getting her 'birthday bite' at 11 Years young. Fai is a daughter of Eros, and is the mother of Pharaoh.
alexa%252525203%25252520mos-99.JPG (12890 bytes)
Alexa  3 mos old
alexa%252525205%25252520mos.JPG (9886 bytes)
Alexa at 5 mos old
Alexa%25252520tracking.JPG (22736 bytes)
Alexa Sch2, CDX, TD (mother of Eros)

Liebe%252525204%25252520mos-99.JPG (10589 bytes)

Liebe Leben 4 mos (daughterof Eros,  granddaughter of Alexa)
Liebe%252525201%25252520yr%25252520stand%2525252076dpi.JPG (10098 bytes)
Liebe Leben at 11 mos
Alexa%20bite-99.JPG (19509 bytes)
Alexa doing her Protection so well!
Bora%20and%20Chris.JPG (40692 bytes)
Bora Sch 2 (daughter of Alexa)
Alexa%20mid%20air%20bite.JPG (43733 bytes)
Mid Air Catch of the Bad Guy
Bessi%25252520stack.JPG (35388 bytes)
Bessi Sch 1, CD (daughter of Alexa, grandaughter of World Sieger Eros Hambachtal)
Bora%20bite%20best.JPG (23910 bytes)
Stopping the Bad Guy
Bora%25252520over%25252520wall.JPG (41981 bytes)
Retreive over 6 Ft wall
alexa%25252520stand-99.JPG (14221 bytes)
Alexa-the first Black produced by Grunenfeld
Canna%25202%2520yrs%2520head.JPG (26914 bytes)
Canna 2 yrs - Daughter of Eros, Gr. daughter of Bessi
Yedi,%2520Cody,%2520Deborah%2520and%2520Ira.jpg (81301 bytes)

Yedi (son of Onyx) and Cody (daughter of Canna) And 'parents' Deborah and Ira

Canna laying 5-26-01.JPG (12459 bytes)

Canna at 11 years young, still going strong, and just as beautiful as ever!

Orion%25252520head%25252520100%25252520dpi.JPG (12456 bytes)

Orion son of Eros and Holly (brother to Liebe, Onyx, Fai and Zolie)

Xira-Xeva%25252520150dpi.JPG (34513 bytes)

Xira & Xeva - Eros Daughters, Bessi Grand daughters

Riga%2520stack2%2520100%2520dpi.JPG (23477 bytes)

Riga daughter of Fire and Xira, granddaughter of Eros

Revelie_in_lap_4_mos_100_dpi.JPG (12598 bytes)

Revelie (Fire & Liebe Daughter) at 4 mos old

Revelie%2525252018%25252520mos%25252520stack%25252520100%25252520dpi.JPG (30333 bytes)

Revelie at 18 mos old

Revelie%2525252018%25252520mos%25252520head%25252520100%25252520dpi.JPG (13067 bytes)

Revelie at 18 mos old

Zack Obie-Fire son.JPG (16050 bytes)

Zack (son of Fire and Obsidian)

Xanther head 9 yrs 100 dpi.JPG (17766 bytes)

Xanther at 10 years young   (dau. of Eros, Gr dau. of Bessi)

Obie 8 yrs 8-25-00.JPG (13674 bytes)

"Obie" Obsidian vom Grunenfeld Dau of Eros and Holly @ 8 years


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